Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Celebrity Crush: Aaron Paul}

I was really sick with a cold this past weekend and even had to use a sick day this week. In turn, I borderline overdosed on Theraflu and watched an incredible amount of Netflix. I have started watching Breaking Bad, which I know has been on for awhile, but I hadn't been on that band wagon. I've heard what its about ( a meth cooking Chemistry teacher) and how amazing it is, but until now, I had no idea. It is ah-mazing. Bryan Cranston is incredible, but Aaron Paul is my latest obsession. He does such an insane job playing a punk of a junkie, but in around season 2, I just got this crazy crush on him. So, I stalked him out..{Pretty darn cute for a meth addict}

{I always watch the Emmy's and I loved that he won last year, even though I had never seen the show, he seemed so genuine}

{ I kinda love him a little dirty like this, too much information?!}

{So effing adorable.}

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