Monday, September 26, 2011

Hair Inspiration

So, I am officially growing my hair out. About 2 years ago, I let my hair get the longest that it has ever been, and then I chopped almost 12 inches of it off to donate to locks of love. That was a lot of hair! I have always been a fan of the chin length bob my whole life. But now that my hair is touching my shoulders, in that weird- not long but not short length, I'm just going to let it grow. Maybe now that I'm not in scrubs everyday, I can actually fix it and not just throw it up in a giant mess on top of my head. Here are some inspirations for my future hair length.{Love this length on Jessica Beil, by the time my hair gets this long, this ombre look will be so over}
{This is a little long, but love the bangs on Zooey}

{I have always been obsessed with this haircut on Reese, these bangs are perfection}

{Love, love, love this side ponytail on Katie Holmes}

{SJP's hair is so beautiful here, this is about the thickness of my hair, so its the most realistic, love the messy waves}

{All pics via here.}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Ultimate Lust List}

Alright, I am going to preface this post by saying that the following items are extravagant, for the most part, in my life anyway. But, nonetheless, I still have my eye on them. I would die, Rachel Zoe like for any one of them. My birthday and Christmas are coming up...(Tory Burch sunglasses, couldn't find the name of this style, but I tried them on at the Denver airport, and now I want them!}

{Hunter wellies, in any color}
oh, how I love to hate you Lily Aldridge-Followill...

{This Michael Kors tortise shell watch is way pricey, I'm determined to find a cheaper version}

{Dolce & Gabbana: The One, so yummy!}

{Jennifer Miller peruvian opal earrings, I saw Kyle Richards wearing these on RHoBH, and I had to figure out where she got them! Not too bad at $160...}

{An Ipad, don't care which one, wouldn't know the differnece anyway, just obsessed with my sisters' and want one for myself}

{A Dyson Animal, I have been lusting over Dyson vacuums for years now, I thought this one was just called Animal, now that I know its for houses with animals, I have to have it, I have a crazy shedding Lab, therefore I must have this outrageously priced vacuum, right?}

{Okay, this one, I seriously do want to get for my bday, I have heard nothing but awesome things about it and it would be so easy to travel with, Clarisonic, Sephora around $120}

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Holy Crap. My Dad took my whole family skydiving while we were in California. He has gone several times and I've always told him I would go, and now it was my chance to back that up. It was the most crazy, adrenaline rushing thing I have ever done. I highly recommend it. {Getting geared up with my tandem buddy}

{This place was so cool, they took so many photos and Kelly got a video which was way cool}

{Getting in the tiny little plane, feeling anxious}

{We flew to 13,000 feet, looking pretty calm under the circumstances...}

{This picture cracks me up, I was freaking out, about to tumble out of this plane}

{No words for this, free falling is incredible}

{um, yea..}

{I think this is my favorite shot because you can get an idea of how high we actually were}

{Back on the ground!}

I just want to say that we are the coolest family ever, in my opinion anyway. I still can't get over that my mom followed through, I think we all thought she was going to chicken out, but her partner must have had a degree in psychology, he was so calming with her.
This was definitely the highlight of the trip! Thanks, Dad!

{West Coast Weekend}

We had the most amazing trip to California over the Labor Day weekend. I am just now fully recovering from the time change and just vacation mode. I swear every time I visit my parents in California, whether its Southern Cali, Los Angeles, or San Fran, I would move there in a heartbeat. I'm obsessed with California. Here are some pictures from our very quick and busy mini family vacation.{Airplane shots with the always intriguing Skymall mag}

{First stop: In & Out , every time. To die for.}

{We headed straight for Lake Tahoe and the drive was beautiful. I felt like I was in Colorado, and its crazy to me that this is a ski town, its gorgeous without the snow. We did some shopping, of course, and at one point I was standing in California and Kelly was in Nevada.}

{My mom is quite the gambler, so naturally we stayed at an awesome casino and gambled all night. The family that gambles together...well, we couldn't figure out the rest of that. My Dad isn't too much into the tables(craps, 21, poker), so Kel and I tried our luck at the slots with him. 4 hours later and a few friends made, we won almost $1000. Crazy, I know!}

{The next morning we headed to San Fran, met some of my parent's friends for dinner down at the Fisherman's Wharf, this lobster jumped right out of its tank and attacked}

{Yummy oysters Rockefeller}

{San Fransisco was so cool, literally, it was freezing and there was a ton of fog, so we bundled up and did some quick shopping after we ate }
{Sock monkey monkey hats, way cuter on Kel then me}

{We hit a farmers market/flea market on our last whole day and bought all sorts of food and my dad cooked trout and we got all fancy and drank wine and ate cheese and figs, btw, totally obsessed with this combo now.}

{On our way to the airport the next day we stopped by the cutest winery and ate brunch. We couldn't resist the wine tasting that was going on, even though it was well before noon, so, we did it. Got a little tipsy, those red wines are powerful.}

So much fun, we did fit on one more event, but I will have to save that for a whole other post, it deserves it...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Long Weekend}

I am so friggin excited about this weekend, I can hardly sit still! Work was brutal, I felt like it was never going to end. We are headed to California tomorrow morning, bright & early! Can't wait to get there and see my sweet parents and have a little mini family vacation. Looking forward to the cooler weather, awesome food, and some other fun adventures. I am such a mess, I haven't packed a thing, I feel so unorganized. So I'm making my list so I don't forget anything. Important stuff, like gossip magazines for the plane ride and my super huge celebrity airport sunglasses. Well, I'm off to pack...