Monday, September 26, 2011

Hair Inspiration

So, I am officially growing my hair out. About 2 years ago, I let my hair get the longest that it has ever been, and then I chopped almost 12 inches of it off to donate to locks of love. That was a lot of hair! I have always been a fan of the chin length bob my whole life. But now that my hair is touching my shoulders, in that weird- not long but not short length, I'm just going to let it grow. Maybe now that I'm not in scrubs everyday, I can actually fix it and not just throw it up in a giant mess on top of my head. Here are some inspirations for my future hair length.{Love this length on Jessica Beil, by the time my hair gets this long, this ombre look will be so over}
{This is a little long, but love the bangs on Zooey}

{I have always been obsessed with this haircut on Reese, these bangs are perfection}

{Love, love, love this side ponytail on Katie Holmes}

{SJP's hair is so beautiful here, this is about the thickness of my hair, so its the most realistic, love the messy waves}

{All pics via here.}

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