Saturday, September 10, 2011


Holy Crap. My Dad took my whole family skydiving while we were in California. He has gone several times and I've always told him I would go, and now it was my chance to back that up. It was the most crazy, adrenaline rushing thing I have ever done. I highly recommend it. {Getting geared up with my tandem buddy}

{This place was so cool, they took so many photos and Kelly got a video which was way cool}

{Getting in the tiny little plane, feeling anxious}

{We flew to 13,000 feet, looking pretty calm under the circumstances...}

{This picture cracks me up, I was freaking out, about to tumble out of this plane}

{No words for this, free falling is incredible}

{um, yea..}

{I think this is my favorite shot because you can get an idea of how high we actually were}

{Back on the ground!}

I just want to say that we are the coolest family ever, in my opinion anyway. I still can't get over that my mom followed through, I think we all thought she was going to chicken out, but her partner must have had a degree in psychology, he was so calming with her.
This was definitely the highlight of the trip! Thanks, Dad!

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mom said...

Me chicken out. This was a blast! So glad we all did it together