Monday, June 20, 2011

{B&A: New Chairs + my favorite flower}

I have had these chairs for almost a year now. I got them at a random flea market while I was out of town for $50. When I first had them, they were maple and the cushions reminded me of an old pew fabric. I sprayed them a beigey color and now with their new cushions, they are perfect. {I am obsessed with this trellis pattern!}

{Before: I realize I forgot to take a picture of the cushions before, but they were BAD.} {After: I am in love with my new chairs. Reupholstering is so expensive but so worth it}

{This is my favorite time of the year, the hydrangeas are out, love going to my Mimi's and getting a ton of these limelight hydrangeas}

Monday, June 13, 2011

{Happy Birthday, Mom}

This past week was my mom's birthday, so this is a bit of a belated post. We took her to Bonefish, which is one of our favorite places (bang bang shrimp & reasonably priced cocktails). Since my mom is only in town for a month or so, my dad covered our alcohol tab, which was a good thing (see above picture), I would have had to take out a loan! Thanks Dad. Anyway, I love my mom so much, she is like my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. Plus, she looks amazing, I hope I look as good as she does at her age. Love you Mom, hope your birthday was wonderful!



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Je T'aime

One of the many things on my bucket list is to visit Europe. I want to go and do it all. Of course Paris, but Italy and Greece too. It will be awhile before I can do anything like this, but I think it is something I want to give myself after I graduate. I think I will have earned an experience like this.

{the only French connection I have going on right now, my Essie, French Affair}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beachy Inspiration

I think its time for a little decorating inspiration. Ever since I moved, I have been leaning towards a beachy theme. I'm not talking seashells or cheesy signs, but just color wise. Nothing in my home is red or even a warm color of any kind. Blue, Greens, and all sorts of neutrals. I think its super calming. Here are some really beautiful examples of the beachy/cottage look.{chalky blue painted wicker chairs}

{Love the striped chair cushions, I love how this gets the same look without any pastel color}

{I've always wanted a sea grass chair from Pottery Barn and that pillow is too cute}

{I have no words. I die over this.}

{Love this kitchen, its so perfect. Blue island with carrera marble top, my dream}

{ok, so this is a little more literal, but I still like it}

{This is perfectly my style. Wouldn't change a thing.}

{all pics from}

Monday, June 6, 2011

{Kansas City}

{Kansas City Spring 2011}

Had such a fun time in Kansas City on Sunday. Got up super early so that we could have the whole day. I love when my mom comes into town, we always do stuff on the weekend. We went to the Country Club Plaza which is such a nice place to shop, they just opened a 2 story Forever 21! We ate lunch at O'Dowds Pub, 5 cheese macaroni & cheese...yum! Got some cute bargins from Urban Outfitters. Then we headed to Oak Park Mall so I could pick up these and then to this cute little Italian festival where we stumbled across 50 cent frozen peach bellinis, could've hung out there all day. Monday is already over and I have so much homework this week. Already ready for the weekend!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Lust List}

When I see things that I want/need (99.9%want), I like to make a list and blogging helps me do that. Here are a few things that I am lusting over lately. Kind of random, but I can't get them out of my head.
{Steve Madden wedges, saw these on sale @ Nordstrom in Dallas, why did I not buy them?}{This smells amazing, I have no business buying another perfume, but I might make an exception for this one plus the bottle is cute.}

{OPI Sparrow me the Drama from the Pirates color line.}

{Dying over this new bluish color from Le Creuset. One day I will own several pieces}

{I am totally getting this old school Huffy bicycle, I found it at Walmart for under $100!, I want a basket too! Too much?}

{Speaking of bicycles, loving this JCrew tee, you can't tell but the spokes have sequins}

Saturday, June 4, 2011

perfect day.


plus one of these

equals something like this.

I feel so awful, I had a gift and plans to attend a housewarming party today, but I couldn't pry myself away from the pool. It was a gorgeous, hot day and I have been dying to do nothing but lay out and read a bunch of gossip magazines. That was followed by chips, salsa and a yummy margarita. Tough day, right? I'm wiped out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{In Between Season Style}

Its that weird time of year where its not quite summer and is chilly in the morning and then gets blazing hot by mid afternoon. I am a huge fan of the cardigan and other cover ups that can be easily removed. Here are some celebrities sporting the cardigan style looking super cute. {Reese rocking the cast, but love that she is wearing converse tennis shoes with this outfit}
{Olivia Wilde leaving LAX, I want to recreate this look, so cute.}

{Katie Holmes sporting a blazer on the beach, but looking adorable with those shorts }

{Jessica Alba looks like the epitome of summer with her over-sized shirt}

{Michelle Williams, I don't think a jean jacket will ever go out of style, love the red shoes}

{Blake Lively, love this cardigan & tank, she has great style even off the Gossip Girl set}

{all pics from}