Monday, June 6, 2011

{Kansas City}

{Kansas City Spring 2011}

Had such a fun time in Kansas City on Sunday. Got up super early so that we could have the whole day. I love when my mom comes into town, we always do stuff on the weekend. We went to the Country Club Plaza which is such a nice place to shop, they just opened a 2 story Forever 21! We ate lunch at O'Dowds Pub, 5 cheese macaroni & cheese...yum! Got some cute bargins from Urban Outfitters. Then we headed to Oak Park Mall so I could pick up these and then to this cute little Italian festival where we stumbled across 50 cent frozen peach bellinis, could've hung out there all day. Monday is already over and I have so much homework this week. Already ready for the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Let the good times roll. Next trip Harrah's can't wait.