Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Blue Christmas}

I like the idea of non traditional Christmas decorating. Every year my goal is to not use a stitch of red throughout the house. That is insanely harder than it sounds. But, it turns out to be so beautiful, its worth it. This year, I'm doing a blue-ish teal, sorta like Tiffany blue. I think it will be so cute. Here are some inspirations that I found:

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Seriously. Can we please just get through the craziness of Thanksgiving before bombarding everyone with lights, music, and decor?? Its too much, too soon. I'm not ready, am I alone on this? It just feels like each year, its earlier and earlier. Thank you Nordstrom, for kinda being snobby and laying it out there. One of the millions of reasons why you are one of my favorite department stores!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

On Display

Normally, I despise open shelving situations. It just seems so messy, and unless you live in an industrial loft, a little pointless. But, I have so many pieces that sit in the pantry or cabinets that need to be on display. The only time you see them is when they are dirty in the sink. These inspirations are examples of open shelving that I love, organized and colorful!{Very cute, love the chalkboard paint behind the shelving}
{Loving the blue/green pieces on display}


{The jadeite ware looks so cute, love the mugs hanging}

{OMG, I can't get past the fridge, chandelier, and stuffed peacock-amazing, but the shelving on either side of the stove is super chic}

{Love the pops of yellow with all the neutrals}

{Even with no open shelving, you can still display collections above and make a statement}

{This reminds me of my Mimi's butler's pantry, so much storage and so beautiful}

{all pics from}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can't wait...

{Oxygen's Tori & Dean Homesweet Hollywood}

They're back! Finally. I am so excited for this. I am obsessed with Tori Spelling and her quirky little family. Their show is back, starting on November 29th. Tori is pregnant with her and Dean's third baby in this season. My DVR is set, I realize I am nerding out here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Food Faves}

I am a food freak, and as much as I enjoy gourmet food, I love some pre packaged bad-for you items as well. Here are some things that I have stumbled across the past few years and are now a staple in my pantry or fridge. Totally aware of the lameness of this post, but I love a good foodie post!{found this mayo with cracked pepper the other day, a little hesitant, but its amazing}
{ I have made countless batches of homemade mac n cheese, and this is perfection plus- no hassle}

{OMG, the best peanut butter on Earth, I want to stock up in case my grocery store stops selling it}

{I always have this in the fridge and a back up in the pantry, I can't stand it by itself, but I add it to cranberry, or any other juice and its delicious}

{The best snack ever, I get mine at Sam's in bulk}

{no words, but is excellent with the above peanut butter}

{I am a salt fiend, I had this salt in NYC at the Oyster Bar and I found it later at Dean & Delucca, smuggled it home on the plane, it was that good, yes I'm talking about salt}

{yummy Popchips, I am partial to the original flavor, they really are good, and I hate any sort of baked chip}

Sunday, November 6, 2011

{Faux Sho}

I have been on the fence about the whole "faux fur" trend. I see the vests everywhere and, I really don't think I can pull it off. But I am warming up to it, and I am on the lookout for a faux fur vest. Most likely will be a Forever 21 purchase since I will probably wear it 1 or 2 times. Here are some celebrity inspirations and some other furry finds...{Olivia Palermo in a shaggy black fur vest}

{Eva Mendes taking the trend to a hippie level}

{Rachel Zoe's Black fur vest from her QVC line}

I bought these slippers, in place of the pricey Uggs, they are beyond comfy}

{Restoration Hardware's faux fur hot water bottles}

{Asos faux infinity scarf}

{Forever 21 faux fur vest, so cute}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet Henry...

I recently lost my sweet dog, Penny. She was such a sweet forever puppy and I will miss her more than words can say. Not that loves of my life are replaceable, but I stumbled across this little guy- and he is helping to fill the hole in heart. I found Henry ( a chihuahua beagle dachshund mix) at the Humane society, someone had just dropped him off moments before I got there. They had found him wandering the streets, and at only around 9 weeks, and the cold weather that we had had the night before, I just couldn't walk away. He really is a sweet little soul, and although, I had completely forgotten how time consuming a puppy can be, he puts a smile on my face everyday!

{Our attempt at a family photo}