Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Food Faves}

I am a food freak, and as much as I enjoy gourmet food, I love some pre packaged bad-for you items as well. Here are some things that I have stumbled across the past few years and are now a staple in my pantry or fridge. Totally aware of the lameness of this post, but I love a good foodie post!{found this mayo with cracked pepper the other day, a little hesitant, but its amazing}
{ I have made countless batches of homemade mac n cheese, and this is perfection plus- no hassle}

{OMG, the best peanut butter on Earth, I want to stock up in case my grocery store stops selling it}

{I always have this in the fridge and a back up in the pantry, I can't stand it by itself, but I add it to cranberry, or any other juice and its delicious}

{The best snack ever, I get mine at Sam's in bulk}

{no words, but is excellent with the above peanut butter}

{I am a salt fiend, I had this salt in NYC at the Oyster Bar and I found it later at Dean & Delucca, smuggled it home on the plane, it was that good, yes I'm talking about salt}

{yummy Popchips, I am partial to the original flavor, they really are good, and I hate any sort of baked chip}

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