Friday, April 30, 2010

{Celebrity Crush: Ryan Reynolds}

{so handsome} {Looking a little sad here}
{ok, going a little Cosmo here, but I had to!!}

{Ryan and Scarlett @ LAX}

{If he can make a leather satchel aka man purse look cool, than he's got something}

I have a ton of celebrity crushes. I know that's usually a guy thing, but, hey, that's what they are there for, right? My crushes aren't the usual Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, not at all. I usually go for the quirky or rocker dudes. Anyway, I just watched a little indie film with Ryan Reynolds and realized that he was definitely in my top pick. not only is he gorgeous, he is so hilarious and has great style. Do you remember when he was in that little tv show, A guy, a girl and a pizza place, or am I the only dork that watched that?! Anyway, here he is in all his loveliness. I still find it strange that he is married to Scarlett Johanssen, she is a lucky gal.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gold Digger

Here is my gold themed wishlist. From jewelry to electronics, it is a gold rush. Enjoy!

{Tory Burch Reva flats, in gold Nordstroms}

{Love my Lila Grace gold croc journal for all of my to do lists}

{Cartier LOVE bracelet; I think this is genius, your mate gets the key and it cannot be removed without it. Love it!}

{you can own this 24 kt gold Ipod shuffle for $19,000, pocket change, right?} {I am really wanting a smaller travel friendly Nikon, why not in gold?}

{Junior Drake metallic bag, Mason's}

{ I have wanted gold aviators ever since I saw Giada sporting them on Weekend Getaways}

{Ray Ban gold rimmed aviators}

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Complicated.

OK, so I am totally aware of the fact that this has already been all over blogworld, but I just had to do a post on this movie. I am not the kind of person who goes out and buys a movie unless I just love it and could picture myself watching again & again on rainy days. So, when I heard that Its Complicated was coming out today, I ran out on my lunch break to get it. I didn't just love this movie because it was hilarious and the actors are amazing (even my crush, John Krasinski was in it!), but the movie set was to die for. Meryl Streep's character had this amazing house, you just couldn't help but notice it. If you watch a lot of movies, you know that this movie was directed by Nancy Meyers, who also directed Something's Got to Give & The Holiday, these movies all have the same sort of vibe and the sets are incredible!! I loved that in this movie Meryl Streep was a chef, I actually attempted to make croque monsieurs after I saw it in the theater! Anyway, tonight my husband is in class, so, I will be relaxing and watching this wonderful movie by myself, here are some shots of the movie set: {my dream would be to own a bakery like this, so awesome}
{I thought it was so funny that in the movie, she was renovating her whole house, what's wrong with it?? I am obsessed with the carrera marble island.}

{ I read that Meryl Streep had a lot of hands on time with the kitchen set, she didn't want it looking too perfect}

{my dream kithcen}

{here is a better angle with the farmhouse table}

{so cozy}

{this bedroom makes me want to take a nap, I love how unperfectly perfect it is. I have that exact bench at the foot of my bed, I didn't notice that until now, thanks, Mom!}

all pictures from Traditional Home

Monday, April 26, 2010

someone has a case of the mondays.

Its meWe had a great weekend even though it rained the majority of the time. We had some pretty solid plans, but they got rained out. Race for the Cure, I was signed up, but I wasn't signed up to race in the pouring rain, so I did my own version of sleep in for the cure. I saw in the Sunday paper that they still had quite a turnout, so that is awesome. Also, planned of going to RazorFest and the Red & White game, that was a no go as well. Freezing cold, wet bleachers, no thank you. So, we had a few people over for dinner, drinks and games {side note: it did get a little crazy, there were pictures being taken, I don't have them, but I want them!}. It was a blast. Sunday we slept in{oops}, watched The Holiday {random, I forgot it was a Christmas movie} and went to my Mimi's for dinner. Here are some pics from Sunday evening.First, the hubs surprised me with this on Friday, he said it looked like something I would like, he's right- I must have trained him well!I wasn't kidding when I talked about my gma's gardens they are insane!

I figured this was at least a $50 worth of flowers from a florist, so gorgeous!

Snowball bush, I love these, they are like mini hydrangeas.

Meatball subs for dinner

Yes, they have a peacock, his name is Leo

Got home at about 10 o'clock last night and stayed up until 11 arranging these!

Friday, April 23, 2010

{Cotton Candy Inspiration}

Can it get any better than cotton candy at a baseball game? I love, love it! My sister and I had to have some at last nights' game. I feel like such a kid when I eat it, but it is so good. It got me inspired, here are some beautiful,cotton candy like pics...{these look like a peony and rose hybrid, is that possible?}

{cotton candy sky}{flickr}
{this perfume always reminds me of cotton candy, Pink Sugar by Aquolina}
{J Crew}{OPI, coney island cotton candy}

{J crew ruffle tank}

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hey, soul sister...

Just wanted to send a little "shout out" to my little sister. I love her so much. There is a seven year age difference between us, but it only seems like a few. Maybe its my immaturity coming out?! I know, she looks older than me, we get it all the time. I would introduce her to peeps when she was in high school and everyone automatically assumed she was a college student. Must be nice, huh? One day I will appreciate my younger look. Anyway, just want to let her know how much she means to me and how proud I am of her. Its so nice to have a built in best friend that can't judge you and accepts all of your weirdness. I love hanging out with Kelly and I am so glad the we get to double date, even if it is just a lame horror movie @ home where the guys feel the need to commentate on every scene. Love you! {Kelly's 20th bday @ Table Mesa}

{through the years..}

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you like Pina Coladas...

This is the perfect smoothie. I made this for the guys while they were hard at work outside on the yard. I saw it in a Paula Deen mag and had to make it. So Good!!

Pineapple coconut smoothie:

2 cups pineapple sherbet

1 banana

1/2 c coconut milk

toasted coconut flakes

{recipe, Paula Deen April issue}

mix all ingredients in a blender, top with coconut and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

not to brag...

seriously, I am very proud of my gardening skills this year. I feel like I am finally reaping the benefits of all of my fall planting. Gardening is hard! Its complicated and it takes a lot of patience , which I struggle with.
I saw this pitcher at Target on one of my weekly trips and I loved the color. I found it on an end cap the other day (Target has awesome clearance sales on the end of their aisles, I always forget) for $6!
The tulips are more of a tangerine, in the pic they look a little red. Anyway, loving Spring and everything that comes with it, minus the pollen, these allergies are killer!

{gorgeous gwyneth}

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. I love her husband, I love her kids' names, and I love her blog/weekly email. I think she seems like such a cool chick, I mean, she has to be pretty awesome to be married to Chris Martin. I remember her being on a talk show talking about how she was a"skinny fat girl" I feel like I can totally relate. I laughed so hard when she said that because I knew exactly what she was talking about. Lately, her body has been amazing, she has been training with Tracy Anderson ever since Iron Man. I watched her on Oprah not too long ago talking about how she does pilates in a 80 degree room and burns like, twice the amount of calories. If you haven't already heard of GOOP, you need to check it out. She writes weekly emails about shopping, traveling, cooking, etc., its really insightful. I love checking my email and reading what she has to say. She is on the cover of the May issue of Harper's Bazaar, here are some pics.
{looking lovely}{click here to sign up for GOOP}

{May issue of Harper's Bazaar}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Springs Weekend

We had a great weekend in Hot Springs. It is a strange little town, I think we all realized that after a stroll downtown (i.e. "katie" the pink poodle). The races were great, like they always are. I guess we have been spoiled with box seats every other time,but, we ended up with great finish line stadium seats after the first couple races. Chad placed a pretty high bet on the actual derby race and ended up winning a nice little wad of cash. We aren't retiring and heading to Fiji, but, it did pay for our weekend. Anyway, we ate at the infamous Cajun Boiler, where Ashley & I witnessed our husbands eat over 30 lbs of crawfish. Can we say All You Can Eat?!? That was quite a site. We ended the weekend on Sunday with breakfast and a little shopping. It really is nice to get out of town. Even if it is just a little hole in the wall town like Hot Springs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Carrie & Co.

I am way too tired to upload my weekend pictures. Let's just say it was a heck of a Monday. But as I was watching my favorite show, Tori & Dean, I saw this...

I am way too excited about this.

Mark you calendars for May 27th. My friend Stephanie and I have watched SATC together since it first came on HBO, like 10 years ago. Love it! The fashion alone is enough to watch it.I own almost every season on DVD. The first movie was everything I expected it to be, and I am sure the 2nd won't disappoint. I read that there will be some eighties flashbacks, Sanford and Mario get married, and of course Charlotte is pregnant. I can't wait wait for this movie. I can hear the intro music now...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

and, we're off... the horse races in Hot Springs for their big derby. We are going for the weekend with the BIL and SIL. Hoping to get a little shopping in too, crossing my fingers, maybe I'll win big. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lunch with the girls

The weather is perfect. There is this little organic cafe, called The Green Bean, right around the corner from our office and we have been dying to go eat lunch outside. So, naturally, I geeked out and brought my camera. The trees and flowers have been so pretty lately, I wanted to take some pics. It is such a cute little place, you kind of have to wait awhile for your food, but with such beautiful surroundings and great company, its worth it. the owner makes these yummy blondies, I've tried to recreate but never come close
organic turkey sandwich with homemade wheat bread, so good!!

the red bud right outside our office window

love the weeping willow we ate under