Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Complicated.

OK, so I am totally aware of the fact that this has already been all over blogworld, but I just had to do a post on this movie. I am not the kind of person who goes out and buys a movie unless I just love it and could picture myself watching again & again on rainy days. So, when I heard that Its Complicated was coming out today, I ran out on my lunch break to get it. I didn't just love this movie because it was hilarious and the actors are amazing (even my crush, John Krasinski was in it!), but the movie set was to die for. Meryl Streep's character had this amazing house, you just couldn't help but notice it. If you watch a lot of movies, you know that this movie was directed by Nancy Meyers, who also directed Something's Got to Give & The Holiday, these movies all have the same sort of vibe and the sets are incredible!! I loved that in this movie Meryl Streep was a chef, I actually attempted to make croque monsieurs after I saw it in the theater! Anyway, tonight my husband is in class, so, I will be relaxing and watching this wonderful movie by myself, here are some shots of the movie set: {my dream would be to own a bakery like this, so awesome}
{I thought it was so funny that in the movie, she was renovating her whole house, what's wrong with it?? I am obsessed with the carrera marble island.}

{ I read that Meryl Streep had a lot of hands on time with the kitchen set, she didn't want it looking too perfect}

{my dream kithcen}

{here is a better angle with the farmhouse table}

{so cozy}

{this bedroom makes me want to take a nap, I love how unperfectly perfect it is. I have that exact bench at the foot of my bed, I didn't notice that until now, thanks, Mom!}

all pictures from Traditional Home


Suz said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! That kitchen is amazing! I can't wait to watch that movie now!

* I found you!!! :)

Martha Carolyn said...

I got to watch It's Complicated today for the first time. LOVED it!