Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend...

We had a very nice Easter weekend. Chad went to watch the Razorbacks spring training on Saturday, so my sister and I went shopping and did some thrifting at Goodwill and Helping Hands. We found some pretty good deals. I will do a whole other post on that- P.S. I am so ready for good garage sale weather, totally planning on that next weekend. We had a nice lunch with Keely and then I had to go home and get ready to go over some friends house for a fun and interesting evening. No, really, we met some great people and laughed a lot, which is always fun.

Church was great on Sunday, I love the fact that it is always mega packed on Easter, but it seems like the service is so rushed. But it was a great service none the less. The weather was gorgeous, I can't remember a nicer Easter. No coats covering up those pretty Easter dresses! We had a nice lunch at the hubs grandma and grandpa's and then headed home to watch The Blind Side with my sister and her boyfriend.
I can't believe tomorrow is Monday. No, not yet!!My Easter dress from Francesca's

My favorite shoes

The SIL's and MIL ; Jill, me, Pam, Ashley, and Kanya

wow, great smile, Chad!

the spread @ Gma's
(she made the most incredible mac & cheese I have ever had, got the recipe!)

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Martha Carolyn said...

Love your dress and shoes! You looked so pretty! We both watched The Blindside on Easter. :-)

Can't wait to hear about what you found at Goodwill and Helping Hands!