Sunday, April 18, 2010

hey, soul sister...

Just wanted to send a little "shout out" to my little sister. I love her so much. There is a seven year age difference between us, but it only seems like a few. Maybe its my immaturity coming out?! I know, she looks older than me, we get it all the time. I would introduce her to peeps when she was in high school and everyone automatically assumed she was a college student. Must be nice, huh? One day I will appreciate my younger look. Anyway, just want to let her know how much she means to me and how proud I am of her. Its so nice to have a built in best friend that can't judge you and accepts all of your weirdness. I love hanging out with Kelly and I am so glad the we get to double date, even if it is just a lame horror movie @ home where the guys feel the need to commentate on every scene. Love you! {Kelly's 20th bday @ Table Mesa}

{through the years..}

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Anonymous said...

hi! Just stumbled across your site and it is so fun! Happy birthday to your sister! Y'all are so pretty! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo