Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Springs Weekend

We had a great weekend in Hot Springs. It is a strange little town, I think we all realized that after a stroll downtown (i.e. "katie" the pink poodle). The races were great, like they always are. I guess we have been spoiled with box seats every other time,but, we ended up with great finish line stadium seats after the first couple races. Chad placed a pretty high bet on the actual derby race and ended up winning a nice little wad of cash. We aren't retiring and heading to Fiji, but, it did pay for our weekend. Anyway, we ate at the infamous Cajun Boiler, where Ashley & I witnessed our husbands eat over 30 lbs of crawfish. Can we say All You Can Eat?!? That was quite a site. We ended the weekend on Sunday with breakfast and a little shopping. It really is nice to get out of town. Even if it is just a little hole in the wall town like Hot Springs.

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