Friday, November 11, 2011

On Display

Normally, I despise open shelving situations. It just seems so messy, and unless you live in an industrial loft, a little pointless. But, I have so many pieces that sit in the pantry or cabinets that need to be on display. The only time you see them is when they are dirty in the sink. These inspirations are examples of open shelving that I love, organized and colorful!{Very cute, love the chalkboard paint behind the shelving}
{Loving the blue/green pieces on display}


{The jadeite ware looks so cute, love the mugs hanging}

{OMG, I can't get past the fridge, chandelier, and stuffed peacock-amazing, but the shelving on either side of the stove is super chic}

{Love the pops of yellow with all the neutrals}

{Even with no open shelving, you can still display collections above and make a statement}

{This reminds me of my Mimi's butler's pantry, so much storage and so beautiful}

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