Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Ultimate Lust List}

Alright, I am going to preface this post by saying that the following items are extravagant, for the most part, in my life anyway. But, nonetheless, I still have my eye on them. I would die, Rachel Zoe like for any one of them. My birthday and Christmas are coming up...(Tory Burch sunglasses, couldn't find the name of this style, but I tried them on at the Denver airport, and now I want them!}

{Hunter wellies, in any color}
oh, how I love to hate you Lily Aldridge-Followill...

{This Michael Kors tortise shell watch is way pricey, I'm determined to find a cheaper version}

{Dolce & Gabbana: The One, so yummy!}

{Jennifer Miller peruvian opal earrings, I saw Kyle Richards wearing these on RHoBH, and I had to figure out where she got them! Not too bad at $160...}

{An Ipad, don't care which one, wouldn't know the differnece anyway, just obsessed with my sisters' and want one for myself}

{A Dyson Animal, I have been lusting over Dyson vacuums for years now, I thought this one was just called Animal, now that I know its for houses with animals, I have to have it, I have a crazy shedding Lab, therefore I must have this outrageously priced vacuum, right?}

{Okay, this one, I seriously do want to get for my bday, I have heard nothing but awesome things about it and it would be so easy to travel with, Clarisonic, Sephora around $120}


mom said...

i will have one of these for your birthday you will have to wait and see which one or i could give you money or maybe both we will have to see. I hope to be there for your birthday, that would be the best to me.

Clarisonic said...

Hi Katie! We sure hope that your Mom gets you the Clarisonic for your birthday! We'd love to welcome you to the Clarisonic family. Keep us posted!

Lyndsy said...

Love those earrings! gorgeous!