Sunday, February 27, 2011

{Oscars 2011}
Its a rainy, grey day, and I am so excited that the Oscar's are on tonight. I am going to watch the whole shebang, from the red carpet to the after party show. They are trying to reach out to a younger audience this year by having Anne Hathaway and James Franco host and I think it will be great. I love both of them separately so together I'm sure will be awesome. The promos have been hysterical this year, showing them getting ready to host by training "Rocky" style. I will be planted on my couch absorbing all of the Hollywood glamour. How awesome would it be to live in the LA area and know that this is happening right around the corner?! Can't wait to see all of the fashion, stars, & speeches.


La Petite Gallery said...

I hope you saw The Kings speech, it was awesome.. yvonne

mom said...

Off to Las Vegas again. Have fun!
Take a lot of pictures