Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dallas & the Sweetest Wedding Ever...

This weekend was so much fun. Shopping in my favorite Southern city and the cutest darn wedding I have ever been to. We had a blast save the 2 speeding tickets we got on the way there & back. Here are some fun pictures from my weekend.{looking fabulously nerdy while shopping}
{ok, this gets a little weird, we were in the older, upscale part of Dallas and this neighborhood was to die for. I had to take a picture of my dream house, hopefully neighborhood watch was not on duty}

{crawfish po'boys and crawfish bisque @ my favorite place, Papadeaux's}

{me & my sweet sister}

{Dinner @ Maggiano's to make up for Mother's Day}

{Me, Kel, & the cutest bride on earth}

{Adorable Kimberly.}

{the groom is in a band and they performed. so sweet.}

{home brewed beers, this totally impressed me even though I am not a beer drinker}

{Everything about this wedding was so special, every little detail was vintage and quirky, I loved it}

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