Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I was born & raised in Louisiana, I remember going to mardi gras with my parents and catching the beads from my dad's shoulder and watching all of the craziness. I absolutely love New Orleans and we go back to visit whenever we have a chance.
I am so happy for "Dem Saints" for winning the Super Bowl, they totally earned it!! In the spirit of Fat Tuesday and because I love celebrity stalking here are some pics of celebrities partying NoLa style... Paris and her Hills dude, Doug Reinert.

My favorite, Harry Connick Jr.
Kate Hudson and son, Ryder

and lastly, Ol Brit, another Louisiana native.
when we travel to New Orleans, We go through Britney's hometown of Kentwood.
She's a super celeb around there, everyone knows someone that's related to her.

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