Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wall Art

The main wall in our living room has been a struggle decorating wise for me since we have moved in. I purchased a piece of framed art from Kirkland's and it just didn't look quite right, I have tried almost everything, the space is just so big. This past week, I found these resin medallions at Hobby Lobby for 80% off! They were originally $59.99 each! They are so heavy, I had to call in the big guns, and ask the hubs to help. Now, when I hang a picture, mirror, just about anything, I am the queen of eyeballing it. If it looks like the middle, good enough for me. So, meet the anti-eyeballer, he has sporadic OCD, I say this because his side of the bed is always a mess, along with his truck and dirty laundry (hello!, why is it on the floor next to the hamper? just pick it up and place it in there!). But when it comes to measuring it is quite a feat. Two hours or so later, I had 4 medallions equally spaced on my wall. What a guy! Laser level with measuring tape all in one, very helpful!

seriously, he had a mini drawing with all the measurement down to 1/8"! The final product, I am finally happy with that wall!

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