Saturday, May 1, 2010

Before & After: New Hair

I got my hair did!

I sat in my hairdressers' chair from 11am- 2 pm on Friday. Seriously?! I didn't get color, highlights, a perm?? Nope, just a haircut, about 3 inches lopped off. I have really thick hair, it just takes forever to cut, dry, and then thin out!! It feels so good!! I was debating on growing it out and donating it again, but, I thought about the fact that its about to get hot outside and be pool time, so short was the way to go. I also debated on growing out my bangs, but I had her chop those too! Anyway, here is a B&A shot. P.S. just found my webcam on my laptop, excuse the poor picture quality, didn't feel like bugging the husband to take 50 pics till I finally liked one. Before: I hated that medium length. Not long, but not short.

You can't tell from this pic but its kind of shorter in the back.

Here, you can tell how it angles. I think I like it!


Martha Carolyn said...

It looks great! Short hair is awesome. Glad you kept the bangs too.

Lane said...

Very cute!!

midnight macaroons said...

I love your new hair cut. It's very chic and sassy. You look fantastic!

Lyndsy said...

It is soo cute!