Friday, May 7, 2010

{The September Issue}

Last night I watched this really cool documentary about Vogue magazine. If you are a fan of Devil wears Prada, then you have to watch this. It is so interesting. Everyone knows, Ana Wintour is the editor of American Vogue. She is known as being ans icy, very down to business woman. She does little to no interviews or television appearances, so, this was a look into how she makes all of the deciding factors for the most important issue, September, of the year (who knew?!). If you have seen Devil, you will respect Meryl Streep's performance so much more. She did a perfect job of portraying Ms. Wintour. Apparently, Lauren Weisberger, who wrote Devil, based her book on her experiences as Anna'a assistant. Even her office was set up exactly like the movie set. If you haven't read the book, you have to, its so much better than the movie, they left a lot out! And, it is rumoured that Anna was so mad about the book/movie that she blacklisted any designers that had any appearances or anything to do with the movie! Drama! Anyway, if you love fashion, this gives you a behind the scenes pass to all of the craziness from the photo shoots, which are gorgeous, to the cover shot of Sienna Miller. They even take you to Anna's houses and interview her daughter. Anna said that when she was filling out her college admissions she wrote as her objective: "To be the editor of Vogue". I think its great to see a woman achieve such a huge goal. She may be an ice queen, but she knows what she wants and gets it.

{Anna is known for her dark sunglasses, fur coats, and front row seat at all things fashion}

{Anna Wintour, quoted to be one of the most powerful women in the world}

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the southern hostess said...

It's such a well-made film. Loved it!