Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John Derian for Target

There had better be a Target in heaven because I am obsessed. Now, Target has teamed up with designer John Derian, and if you have ever been to his NYC store, you understand my excitement. He has a quirky, eclectic, vintage vibe and its a little pricey. But, leave it to Target to collaborate with him. Here are a few items I am dying to go pick up.{John Derian Co. storefront in NYC}

{cute melamine serving tray, $24.99}
{set of green melamine plates, $19.99}

{A ton of storage items and stationary, I die, Rachel Zoe style for this tiered tray}

{loving the porcelain coffee mugs, my favorite is the honeycomb, $6.99}
{side note: is it sad that I want to work @ target just for the discount?}

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