Monday, September 27, 2010

{St. Louis}

We had such a fun trip to St. Louis. The weather was a little cold and rainy but the concert was amazing. I still cannot get over how awesome they are live. We ended up staying a little longer than planned, we hit up a pretty nice mall and didn't end up getting in until after 10. Monday is here and I am exhausted but it was well worth it. Here are some pictures of our road trip.{driving downtown}

{my favorite BLT pizza from CPK}
{my favorite place to be: an Anthropologie sale room}

{my sweet sister eating Godiva white chocolate with raspberries}

{Bubble bars at Lush}

{KOL concert}

{about 50 degrees and raining, alcohol did help}

{caprese salad at Maggiano's}

{late night cocktail}

{refer to above caption, actually I was completely sober in this photo, that's what is scary}


Mom said...

I think my girls never looked better.I miss you

your sista said...

i think this needs to happen again. can't wait 'til february. vegas!