Monday, September 20, 2010

I know everyone has their own taste in wine. I definitely like a sweeter wine and prefer white to red. I am so secretly jealous of those snobby wine connoisseurs, like on Sideways. I want to take a trip to the West coast and hit up as many vineyards as I can, but until that day, I will have to settle for my cheap, delicious moscato. Seriously, this wine is like $6 for a regular bottle and around $14 for a huge one(go with the huge one). A friend introduced me to it a couple of years ago and I have been stuck on it ever since. It is my go to wine, no doubt.{Moscato is very sweet it has a lot of peach and apricot flavor, so good!}
{couldn't resist, love her}

{love the barefoot label too}

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Brunch at Saks said...

Oh this sounds delicious! I will definitely have to pick up some next time I'm at the store! I grew up near Napa, so I was kind of spoiled, but I love all types of wine! xoxo