Saturday, December 11, 2010

{Radiant Reese}

Reese Witherspoon is back with a cute new movie. She is so freaking cute. I usually think brunettes are always prettier than blondes, but she is just adorable. I always love her hair, whether its short or long. I loved when she was with Jake Gyllenhall, I thought they were the cutest couple.
This new movie, How do you Know? is directed my James Brooks, who did Terms of Endearment, As Good as it Gets, along with a million other well known TV shows and movies. It looks really cute, and how can you resist Owen Wilson, he is the best.
{ Her new Entertainment Weekly cover}

{I had this issue of Elle for years, for the haircut }

{Elle October 2007}

{Comes out December 17th}

{the cutest blonde couple ever, this movie looks so funny}

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