Monday, July 11, 2011

{Carolina's Baby Shower}

I helped out with the sweetest baby shower this weekend and wanted to do a quick post on it. The theme was just blue, green, and a little yellow. No cheesy theme, I loved that. The food was so cute: fruit skewers, cheesecake pops, cake pops, mini brownies, cookies, tons of candy and sweet popcorn. I think I gave myself a cavity after eating all of those sweets. It was decorated so cute and I have helped with baby showers before with "diy onesies" and they always came out super cheesy. The onesie station at this shower turned out so cute. Just iron on fabric, some stencils and some buttons. All in all cutest baby shower I've help with yet.

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mom said...

Looks like a really sweet baby shower. I love the onies station and the diaper cake. I wish I could have had a cake pop mmmm they sounded really good.