Monday, July 4, 2011

{Girl Crush: Jennifer Aniston}

I have been a huge Jennifer Aniston fan since Rachel. You just have to love her. She's got great style and always seems so put together. But, I'm not going to lie, I had lost my faith in her a little bit. A lot of her movies have been so so and for awhile I wouldn't see a romantic comedy with her because I knew it would be semi lame. But, I think she is redeeming herself. Of course, I loved her in Marley & Me, she was pretty funny in Just Go with It, and I reluctantly watched The Switch the other night, and I loved it! Now she's in the new movie Horrible Bosses, she is a brunette dentist who sexually harasses her dental assistant. I saw her on the cover of the July Marie Claire and she looks fabulous, loving her shorter hair.{Jen with Jason Bateman, love him, so funny!}

{with Jason Sudakis from SNL, he's adorable.}

{Again with Jason Bateman, he was in The Switch and her newest movie}

{with Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses, this movie looks ridiculously funny, I can't wait to see it}

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