Monday, July 4, 2011


Its the 4th of July, my plans for the day: go to pool, grill out for dinner, and watching the fireworks show. Whats actually happening: I'm on my 3rd blog post, laying in bed with an 80 lb lab snoring in my ear ( I love that though, she's so sweet). It has been pouring since I woke up and I'm getting bored. There is only so much Food Network that I can watch. Thank God for the Cooking channel so I can switch it up a bit. I guess this gives me a chance to catch up on some stuff that should've been done days ago. I usually have to do lists on post its but since I'm being lazy I am going to make a list of stuff that has to get done on this post, that way I am super accountable for it.

1.Laundry/organize my closet ( I let it get out of control during the week, like, I don't hang up anything)

2. My homework, I have a 3 page paper due for my B Law class, this has to be done- so I don't stress during the week about it

3. Get stuff together for the baby shower that I'm helping with next week, cake plates, serving platters. I'm attempting cake pops, Lord help me.

4.Run to Target for a few things, like tortilla chips, I have all that salsa left!!

5. Clean, like deep clean my house. I haven't done this in awhile.

6. Finish Dexter Season 2, this show is incredibly addicting, I know I am way behind on this, but I am catching up. Michael C. Hall is so cute, I forgive him for including his middle inital in his name.

7.Pray that the rain clears so I can go have some fun.

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