Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obession: Ben & Jerry's

Its offical: I'm single. I am sitting in my living room eating B&J ice cream out of the carton. I am obsessed with their ice cream and when I saw that they made frozen yogurt, I had to try it. Its pretty good. Normally, my favorite is Cherry Garcia or Berry Berry Voluntary. I watched a whole Biography on Ben & Jerry the other night (once again single & nerdy). Such a cool company. They started back in the late 70s in a small shop and now they are a huge successful company loved by millions. The charity work that they do is so cool and they have been "all natural" since the get go. {Yum!}

{go to Benandjerrys.com to sign up for their newsletter and become a Chunk Spelunker, get coups for free ice cream}

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