Monday, November 29, 2010

{Zach Attack!}

I have a confession. I have a secret crush on Zach Galafianakis. I love him. I love his beard. I just want to hang out with him all day. Am I alone on this? I highly doubt it. He has had a few bit roles in the past, but really broke out when he was in The Hangover. So freaking funny. He is everywhere lately though. I'm happy for him, but, now everyone is going to be crushing on him.So excited for Hangover 2, hope they don't overdo it. I heard that it takes place in Thailand.

Saw Due Date when I was in Cali, pretty funny. Love both of those guys. I teared up in this scene (that's his dad's ashes on the floor)
Zach Galafianakis: Live at the Purple Onion
the most hilarious stand up I have ever seen. He is drunk through the entire thing, but plays the piano beautifully.

Zach hosted SNL this past summer, you could tell which skits he had anything to do with, the one where he is the beauty queen's dad. I died laughing.
If you want a quick laugh, click here, Its Zach's fake interviews with celebrities, In Between two Ferns, sometimes, his twin brother, Seth, steps in for him.

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Mandy said...

Love him! I watch Live at the Purple Onion all the time! I, too, have a crush and I've had it for a while...he does live in NC sometimes--maybe one of us will luck out!