Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Before & After (Penny Style)

My sweet little angel is a definite tomboy. She can play outside with our lab for hours, which in turn, means that she doesn't always look glamorous. Recently, I took her for grooming, like we do every Spring, cause, she was looking like a rag a muffin. Before, after playing for hours at my parents house in the country

After, she is such a pretty girl!!
And, a little more after, trying to get that dang bow out, a little frazzled!


Martha Carolyn said...

Penny is so cute! So, I checked out Daisies and Olives today! Love that place!!! I owe you big time for telling me about it because it is my number one favorite place now! :-)

Martha Carolyn said...

I love that you debated on getting the same topiarys! I would love to go antique shopping together. I usually have Fridays off too. Apparently, Prairie Grove has a few other places too? I didn't know or I would have stopped by yesterday. Do you know if they are any good?