Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning & My Favorites

I know it is not officially Spring yet, but my plan this weekend is to do some major Spring Cleaning. The hubs is out of town ALL weekend and I do my best and most thorough cleaning without anyone in my way. I am doing it all: under the beds, reorganizing, dusting, you name it. I actually don't despise cleaning, I love doing laundry {I know, weird}. But, when you look around and there is dust on every surface it gets a little overwhelming. Also, me staying home and cleaning = me not going out and spending money, always a good thing.

Since I am a product junkie, I thought I would do a post on my favorite cleaning items. {can we say, nerd?} So, here we go...

I love all of The Mrs Myers products. I get them either at Target or the natural foods store. I would love if all of my cleaning products were all natural like these. I use the counter top spray in the Basil scent.

OK, these things I swear by, I don't know what the heck is in them but they work and I don't ask questions. These magic erasers and seriously, magic. If you can't get something off or out of something, you have to try these. I use them in my tiled shower, bathtub, cabinets, floors. The best thing out there.

When I first got granite counters, I looked everywhere and asked everyone what the trick was to keeping them shiny. I have practically black granite and it is unbelievably hard to keep clean. Someone finally turned me on to Method's Daily Granite. I use it with their micro fiber towel, and my counters gleam!

Now, onto floors and dusting. This is another Method product called Wood for Good. My hardwood floors are the bane of my existence. This stuff keeps them looking nice and it smells like almonds, so good!

I am going a little old school on this, but my Mom told me about it and it is awesome. I use this to polish our darker wood furniture and even our front door. It makes the wood look so rich.

Love, love,love these Swiffer dusters, got one as a free sample and have bought them ever since. It picks up dust like nones business.

Now onto my favorite, laundry. I go back and forth between Tide and Seventh Gen, but for dedicates and whites, Victorias's Secret delicate wash is so great. It is a little pricey {$16 - i think} but it smells SO insane, and the scent stays with your towels forever. I use it sparingly.

My sister in law gave me a coupon for this Ultimate Care Clorox a few years ago, and I am still buying it. I love that it doesn't smell as harsh as bleach, it actually smells great {can you tell I am a smell oriented person?} and, it doesn't ruin fabric like bleach does. Meaning no accidents.

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Anonymous said...

smell oriented? i'd say so. mom told me that you told her to bring a certain candle with her to mexico so she would remember the smell. good idea, but you're a nerd. love.