Monday, March 29, 2010

{Wonderful Weekend}

{freshly picked flowers found a home]

Well, its official, vacation is over. Back to work. Aren't Mondays wonderful? We had a nice weekend, even though the hubs didn't feel great. Saturday we had one of those days where you look at the clock and its mid afternoon and your still in your pjs, it was such a gray day. We just watched movies and I cooked a great dinner.

Sunday, we went to my Mimi & Pop's house for lunch. When you have both families in the same town, it is a blessing, but its hard on holidays. We are doing Easter with the hubs side, so that left Palm Sunday with mine. We had such a good time. I brought mac & cheese and my sister & I made the strawberry shortcake that I've been dying for. So Good! I love my grandparent's house. I feel so comfortable there, like I could take the best nap of my life at any time. My Mimi has the most incredible gardens, I always go over in the Spring and summer and pick the most beautiful flowers. I picked a ton of daffodils and forsythia that ended up in my living room. I love how free flowers can be such a mood lifter and so pretty. I strive to have an ounce of the green thumb that she has.
{strawberry shortcake made by Kelly}{calorie free mac & cheese}{some of the Spring flowers @ my Mimi's}
Chad and my sister left mysteriously after lunch together and came back with this...{my favorite pattern, sittin in a tree, Vera Bradley laptop case}
What a great guy. I have a wonderful husband that I take for granted sometimes. He is always doing sweet little things like that. He means so much to me and I hope he gets to feeling better.
Hope this work week flies by! Can't wait till next weekend!

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